Fun with Two Cakes

So maybe you have a nothing to do? Or a mental disorder? Look no further my friend, this comic will provide at least fifteen minutes of fun (with two cakes and sometimes Satan) for your enjoyment! Basically if Dinosaur Comics was an old hair metal band from the eighties, Fun With Two Cakes would be a poor "tribute"(read: covers) band from some small town in the midwest, who played in front of the town's sixty inhabitants every second friday but never really understood the genius of the original band and were forced to simplify guitar solos and bass pieces, and the frontman would wind up getting drunk and impregnating his girlfriend after a show and the whole band would fall apart after only six months of being together. That's basically Fun With Two Cakes. Light, unnecessary entertainment for those with nothing better to do. Nevertheless, hope you enjoy.


About by Admin
February 1st, 2007, 12:47 pm
I am not the author of this comic, and take no credit for it.

The original author put this comic on here and later deleted his account, causing the comic to "break". Some people wanted to read the comic still, so I added myself as an author so it would work again.