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Things To Look At or Click On... Or Maybe Even... SAVE AS?

How's it Hangin', Fellas?

Here are some things to look at or click on, or maybe even save as.

Comments, questions, suggestions, that for some reason can't be put in the comments place of my comics or private messaged to me? Why not try emailin' me?

You could also probably link to my site, if the mood took you. Here are some 'phat' banners to do it with!

This is a banner featuring Charles!

And what about Pedro? You didn't forget about Pedro did you?

This guy's never been in a comic, but that won't stop him from directing traffic from your site to mine!

And for those of you who favour smaller banners, here you go.

If you link to my site, email me at the link up at the top of this page, and I might link to your site too!

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Dinosaur Comics
Probably the greatest site ever to grace the face of the interweb.

The Deja Way
This is pretty cool too, and all done by my pal Michael Gordon.

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